Before jumping into the details, I want to make it clear that for me it is of paramount importance for sponsorships not to negatively impact the quality or unbiased nature of CloudSecList.

I generally do not endorse companies or products. CloudSecList's purpose is to highlight security-related news focused on the cloud native landscape, and to help people staying up to date with this corner of the security scenario. Content is included in the newsletter exclusively based on its technical merits and usefulness to readers.

What Does Sponsorship Look Like

You can include a brief blurb (400-600 characters) about either your company, product, event, or job opening.

The blurb will be placed, in a clearly demarcated section, right before the main content, and will be included in:

  1. The newsletter sent to CloudSecList subscribers
  2. The corresponding post on (available from the Past Issues page)

Currently, there is one sponsor slot available per issue.

Here is how it will look like (click on the image to enlarge it):

What Sort of Engagement Should You Expect?

Subscribers vary from hands-on security professionals working as security engineers or SOC analysts, to security managers, to heads of, as well as CISOs, CSOs, security founders, senior leaders, and VCs.

Overall, readers come from different backgrounds and are distributed across the globe. The companies represented are fairly diverse as well, from small start-ups to Fortune500 and FAANG companies, in industries ranging from tech, to healthcare, finance, and government.


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Companies and Organizations

The process is quite straightforward:

  • Reach out to [email protected]
    Send your product/event/job advert idea, alongside your organizational details, and we'll work out the details.
  • We will flesh out the details
    We will agree on dates, number of slots and price (discounts may be available for bulk sponsorships).
  • I will send a lightweight agreement
    Which will recap the details agreed upon.
  • We will work together on defining the best format for your sponsored messages
    We will collaborate, prior to the release of each agreed issue, on the best format/content for your adverts.
  • After the release of the last issue, I will send an invoice
    After all the sponsored slots have been sent out, the last step will involve paying the agreed amount.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Privacy: CloudSecList takes privacy of readers very seriously. There is a conscious effort NOT to collect additional information about the CloudSecList readership outside of an email address (which of course will NOT be shared with advertisers, ever). In addition, CloudSecList does not track individual open and click rates, but only the global (and anonymised) ones.
  • Ad Timing: The newsletter is typically sent on Sundays. There may be weeks where due to life circumstances, travel, or timezone differences the newsletter is sent earlier or later but this is the exception not the rule.
  • Ad Format: Ads are featured as described in the "What Does Sponsorship Look Like" section above.
  • Integrity and Unbiased view: Sponsoring an issue does not give any influence over the rest of the newsletter.
    • A competitor's tool, blog post, or talk may be referenced in the issue you sponsor.
    • Similarly, an article that negatively covers your company or product may be included in the issue you sponsor.
  • Right to refuse sponsorship: CloudSecList reserves the right to refuse sponsorship requests for any reason.

Reach out to get started

Email [email protected] with your ad idea to get started!

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