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CloudSecList is laser-focused on Cloud Security, ensuring your sponsorship reaches a highly targeted audience without dilution from unrelated topics.

By sponsoring CloudSecList, you can showcase your brand and offerings to professionals who prioritize continuous learning and have a significant cloud presence. With comprehensive coverage of tools, major cloud provider updates, technical tutorials, and service releases, CloudSecList is a clutch resource for those seeking to stay ahead in Cloud Security.

What Sort of Engagement Should You Expect?


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Subscribers vary from hands-on security professionals working as security engineers or SOC analysts, to security managers, heads of, as well as CISOs, CSOs, security founders, senior leaders, and VCs.

Overall, readers come from different backgrounds and are distributed across the globe. The companies represented are fairly diverse as well, from small start-ups to Fortune500 and FAANG companies, in industries ranging from tech, to healthcare, finance, and government.

Here are some of the companies that CloudSecList subscribers work for:

  • Top Tech: Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Stripe, Square, Cloudflare, HashiCorp, Mandiant, Uber, Twitter, Snowflake, Snapchat, LinkedIn, GitHub, GitLab, Figma, Alibaba.
  • Tech Companies: Adobe, Akamai, AOL, Atlassian, BlackBerry, Booking.com, Box, Cisco, ClickUp, CloudBees, Confluent, CultureAmp, Dell, Discord, Docker, FreshWorks, Glassdoor, GlobalSign, GlobalPay, Hey, IBM, Improbable, Logitech, Match, MongoDB, Pinterest, Rackspace, Salesforce, SAP, Segment, Shopify, Skyscanner, SourceGraph, Spotify, Twilio, VMWare, Yahoo, Yelp.
  • Big Household Mames: NASA, Sequoia, Riot Games, Oracle, Mercedes Benz, Crowdstrike, DataDog, Airbus, Boeing, Allianz, Bloomberg, Financial Times, NASDAQ, Delta, Gartner, Sky, Siemens, Huawei, Porsche, Volvo, Workday, Warner Media, Thomson Reuters, PayPal, Sony, Cognizant, NHS, European Parliament, Coinbase, Crypto.com, Samsung.
  • Cybersecurity Providers: Cloud Security Alliance, OWASP, Wiz, Okta, Snyk, Splunk, AquaSec, Trail of Bits, Chainguard, Jetstack, JupiterOne, SentinelOne, Hackerone, BitDefender, Checkmarx, CyberArk, F5, Fortinet, JAMF, JFrog, Juniper, Lacework, Lastpass, McAfee, Palo Alto, Rapid7, SlashID, TrendMicro, Veracode.
  • Financial Technology Companies: HSBC, Lloyds, Santander, U.S. Bank, USAA, CapitalOne, Mastercard, Visa, Wise, Experian, FORM3, Generali, GoCardless, Klarna, Temenos, Thought Machine, Northwestern Mutual, Danske Bank, Atom Bank, Chime, Pleo, SumUp, Tide, Carta, Schwab, ETRADE.
  • Consumer Brands and Services: BestBuy, Bet365, BT, CAT, Centrica, Cinch, Clio, Comcast, Cruise, Disney, eBay, Ericsson, Etsy, Expedia, FedEx, Hyatt, Lenovo, Lyft, Mercari, Motorola, O2, Orange, Sony, Swisscom, T-Systems, Telefonica, Tesco, TrustPilot, Tui, Verizon, Virgin, Vodafone, Walmart.
  • Consulting and Financial Services Firms: Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, EY, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, PwC.
  • Educational Institutions: Harvard, Harvard Business School, MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, BNY Mellon, Pluralsight, SANS.

In addition, industry experts of the calibre of Jason Chan and Scott Piper personally recommend CloudSecList (see more in the Testimonials section below).

What Does Sponsorship Look Like

You can include a brief blurb (400-600 characters) about your company, product, event, or job opening.

The blurb will be placed in a clearly demarcated section, and will be included in the following:

  1. The newsletter sent to CloudSecList subscribers.
  2. The related post on cloudseclist.com (available from the Past Issues page).

Currently, two sponsor slots (1 and 2) are available per issue. Slot 1 is placed at the top of the newsletter, directly after the introduction, whereas slot 2 is placed around the middle.

You can look at what this will look like by browsing the Past Issues.

What Content Performs The Best?

CloudSecList's readers are a highly engaged and targeted audience. Hence, the sponsors that get the best traction can offer something beyond their standard branding messaging.

The best performers have content similar to the following:

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Fireside Chats
  • Whitepapers or eBooks
  • Emerging research or technical posts breaking down a complex topic
  • Industry or "State of the [X]" style reports

It is also important to note that the number of clicks through to your ad is influenced by: your offer, the quality of your ad copy, and the wording in your CTA.

Get Started

The process is quite straightforward:

  • Find an available slot
    Check the "Upcoming Reservations" list below for available slots.
  • Reach out to [email protected]
    Send your product/event/job advert idea, alongside your organizational details, and we'll work out the details.
  • We will flesh out the details
    We will agree on dates, number of slots and price (discounts may be available for bulk sponsorships).
  • I will send a lightweight agreement
    Which will recap the details agreed upon.
  • We will work together on defining the best format for your sponsored messages
    We will collaborate on the best format/content for your adverts before each agreed issue is released.

Upcoming Reservations

"Which is the 'optimum' week to book?" This varies depending on each company's preference. For example, some companies decide to book in correspondence with the release of a new product or the weeks before an event they host. So that depends on the content you choose to promote. That said, I typically see a pattern of companies booking one slot per month for at least two consecutive quarters.


Sold Out


Date (yyyy/mm/dd) Issue Slot - 1 Slot - 2
2024/01/07 219 booked available
2024/01/14 220 booked booked
2024/01/21 221 booked booked
2024/01/28 222 booked available
2024/02/04 223 under offer available
2024/02/11 224 booked under offer
2024/02/18 225 booked available
2024/02/25 226 available available
2024/03/03 227 available available
2024/03/10 228 under offer under offer
2024/03/17 229 available available
2024/03/24 230 booked available
2024/03/31 231 available available
2024/04/07 232 available available
2024/04/14 233 booked under offer
2024/04/21 234 under offer available
2024/04/28 235 available available
2024/05/05 236 available available
2024/05/12 237 available under offer
2024/05/19 238 available available
2024/05/26 239 available available
2024/06/02 240 available available
2024/06/09 241 available available
2024/06/16 242 under offer under offer
2024/06/23 243 available available
2024/06/30 244 available available
2024/07/07 245 available available
2024/07/14 246 available available
2024/07/21 247 available available
2024/07/28 248 available available
2024/08/04 249 available available
2024/08/11 250 available available
2024/08/18 251 available available
2024/08/25 252 under offer available
2024/09/01 253 available available
2024/09/08 254 available available
2024/09/15 255 available available
2024/09/22 256 available available
2024/09/29 257 available available
2024/10/06 258 under offer available
2024/10/13 259 available available
2024/10/20 260 available available
2024/10/27 261 available available
2024/11/03 262 available available
2024/11/10 263 available available
2024/11/17 264 available available
2024/11/24 265 available available
2024/12/01 266 available available
2024/12/08 267 available available
2024/12/15 268 available available

Terms and Conditions


CloudSecList takes the privacy of readers very seriously. There is a conscious effort NOT to collect additional information about the CloudSecList readership outside of an email address (which, of course, will NOT be shared with advertisers, ever). In addition, CloudSecList does not track individual open and click rates, but only the global (and anonymized) ones.

For more information, you can refer to CloudSecList's Privacy Policy.

Integrity and Unbiased View

I want to make it clear that, for me, it is of paramount importance for sponsorships not to impact the quality or unbiased nature of CloudSecList negatively.

I generally do not endorse companies or products. CloudSecList aims to highlight security-related news focused on the cloud-native landscape and help people stay updated with this corner of the security scenario. Content is included in the newsletter exclusively based on its technical merits and usefulness to readers.

Sponsoring an issue does not give any influence on the rest of the newsletter. A competitor's tool, blog post, or talk may be referenced in the issue you sponsor. Similarly, an article that negatively covers your company or product may be included in the issue you sponsor.

Ad Timing

The newsletter is typically sent on Sundays. There may be weeks where the newsletter is sent earlier or later due to life circumstances, travel, or timezone differences, but this is the exception, not the rule.

Ad Format

You can include a brief blurb (400-600 characters) about your company, product, event, or job opening.

The blurb will be placed in a clearly demarcated section (the yellow sponsor box). The naming "Sponsor" at the top of the sponsor box is agnostic of the actual sponsor and is used for consistency and fairness to the readers.

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